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Data Exchange

The world is drowning in data - we have so much of it now that it can be very challenging to extract the information we actually need from it, in one single place.

Typically, the information you need to manage your business now resides in numerous systems both "in house" and increasingly "in the Cloud" - which means that in order to work with the data, you almost certainly end up re-keying data in several places, and then have to attempt to keep that information up to date wherever it is stored - this rarely happens perfectly!

Our Purely D/x platform and methodology can help bring order to this chaos, by allowing you to exchange data seamlessly between systems, wherever they are - be it your own systems or those of trading partners, industry bodies or government agencies; thereby minimising re-keying and increasing accuracy. Leveraging the power of API's (Application Programme Interfaces) we are able to engineer data exchanges that are:

  • RAPID - data must be available when it is required, so data exchange mechanisms should support that - weekly or monthly batch transfers of data are rarely adequate in today's fast moving world. Purely D/x allows real time movement of data where required.
  • RELIABLE - data must be guaranteed to be accurate, every time, and not get "lost in transit" - the design of Purely D/x integrations provides multiple mechanisms to ensure and audit that the data exchanges happen reliably and consistently.
  • ROBUST - data security and privacy is paramount today in a world where cyber crime is a growing threat. Purely D/x integrations use the latest security and encryption methods and are constantly reviewed, updated, benchmarked against industry best practices and externally audited through "penetration testing".

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