Membership administration software

Membership Management

Associations of all sizes, whether commercial or not for profit, often struggle with the problem of member administration - more often than not, this is done on paper, or perhaps on a spreadsheet which is only comprehensible to the person who created it. Communication with members typically still happens by post - a growing issue because of the constant rise in postal costs (let alone the amount of effort required to print out - or write out - circulars / receipts and put them in envelopes).

Purely Solutions develops easy to use systems that have been proven to dramatically simplify membership administration and reduce costs - our systems are web based, in other words, using the system is as simple as visiting a web site and can be used by any of your authorised officers from anywhere that has internet access, on any computer, laptop or tablet. A very high level of security protects access to the system and the data it holds.

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